1. Go Deeper

From the recording Only Love is Real


sometimes when a friend asks you, to help them out
could it be that its just you and you just want to
and then you think, if you were them
wouldn't you want to help them get in touch with it
     and when you need a hand
     to go into those dark places
     I'll reach out my hand to you
     and with a smiling face say
   you can go deeper into yourself
   when we uncover the light it just shines so brightly it just shines so brightly
when someone seems to not be helping, thats just a point of view
they may be helping you more than at that time you could know
trust in love trust in your Self, its so much more than you could ever know 
with just a little body that in time will go
       and your friends will be there for you
       you know the ones you cannot see
       for they are they always a reget there pr