adam love - songwriter, vocals, guitar, rhythm


The blues brothers said "We are on a mission from God".

I feel that I am too:-) with my mission being to remember more and more fully my Oneness with All Creation the Creator and my true Self. And live as and from that "I Am" spaciousness. I am so inspired by the Spiritual revolution that is growing throughout Consciousness, remembering our Divine nature and Union.

In sharing this passion and joy of creating, remembering and following the Heart is one vibration that helps me become more alive and I LOVE to share it and play in it by myself and with others. 





    I have trusted Love and desire to expand beyond my known worlds (comfort zones) and travel to Spiritual gatherings and ask to perform and share the songs Ive written over the years. My first was to the UK for the Way of the Heart Festival in Somerset in 2010. That flung wide the door! I continued to participate and perform there in 2012 and 13. It is a place of deep connection with Soul friends, healing growth and where 2 of my favorite songs were born: Peace Love and Happiness and Go Deeper.

    Stemming from that first pivotal experience I joined in and performed at other Way of Mastery "pilgrimages", Santa Fe NM and Maui HI. I also trusted in the nudge to go to another awesome spiritual event called The Strawberry Fields Music and Enlightenment retreat and festival by the Living Miracles Community in Utah in 2013. Most recently as part of the growth and expansion in my awakened unfolding as a Christ, I trusted deeply, moved through fear and went to Bali Indonesia for a month to record my first completed album Only Love is Real.

I have also played and play at open mic's, coffee shops, the subways (a few times desiring to do more)in NYC and lots of music related endeavors growing up.


Blessings of Joy, Celebration and Peace in your journeys celebrations and play.

No matter what that may look or feel like, I honor you and celebrate Who you Are!

With gratitude for choosing to come here and visit.


With Love