I did not really know what blog meant

Blog is short for weblog....from the 1990's its said on google.

Maybe someday others may read these. I intend for what gets shared and extended...to be of service, entertainment and of God really...to assist your Remembering. 

I take a sip of getting colder now coffee. Its 5:45am and I look at the clearly female angels on the white basic mug. They are of a genre of victorian feel. All sepia tones, caucasian, round faces, fluffy curly hair...innocent sweetness depicted. One is holding a music folder,looking at me and the other plays a little round backed string type instrument looking in another direction. There wings are very small...

It amazes me the associations, choices, stories that an object, neutral and innocent as all things, energies, experiences are here in this dimension. I can think of a dear friend whose mug it is (can we really own or possess anything..). I can ponder her love of angels and images of them. I will also contemplate and share that the reason I picked this mug for the first cup o joe is....

it spoke to me of a vibration of Love about dancing with the devil....ah David Lee Roth and Van Halen for those that know that song :-)...in which when we embrace, look at the darkness that we've created in ourselves, dance with it, see our face as that devil....the darkness is transformed into light! Into an angel! 

I will ponder this some more over the course of this month and this lesson I am studying....if I move towards the fears, the sense of unworthiness, lack, limitation....really believing that I am separate from God....and look and embrace with wonder, curiosity, innocence, its like something solid (the 6am church bell rings downtown)turns to vapor or smoke or mist. Seems like it was this vapid all along yet by my simply being unaware beliefs sure seem solid and heavy! Serious too!

I did it! Well I would say I allowed Love and Presence to flow though my doing.

Blessings of peace and gratitude to you dear friend. I love you



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